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1324304011 ZF9S1110 ZF9S1310 Gearbox Synchronizer cone

Weigth: 0.57 Kg
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Product description
Suitable to:
Manufacturer Part Number
RVI 74 20 853 498
VOLVO 20853498
ZF 1324 304 011
Use case:
Model Details
9S 1310TO KMZ Gearbox
9S 1115TO Truck Gearbox
9S 1310TO Truck Gearbox
9S 1315TO Truck Gearbox
9S 1311TO IT Truck Gearbox
9S 1110TD Truck Gearbox
9S 1115TD Truck Gearbox
9S 1111TD IT Truck Gearbox
9S 1110TO Truck Gearbox
9S 1111TO IT Truck Gearbox


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